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Unlimited domains, custom senders, audiences, custom tags, and html templates, multiple campaigns scheduling based on national local time

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Real free, Pay-as-you-go

Not "free" like a limited trial or demo, access 100% features (No credit card required). Get 2,000 emails and 2000 contacts free each month. Real time data analysis, such as what kind of client your audience uses, favorite links to click, the most active countries and real-time sending status.

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Unlimited domains, audiences

Unlimited domains, html templates, audiences, personalize your sender and subject line, make your brand look more professional. Reuse your existing HTML templates without having to design an embarrassing template online. Easily create new audiences to reuse your existing contact list, existing tags.

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Smart campaign scheduling

Use campaign tools to activate customer repurchase and renewal, track in realtime. Base your customer's country, use the customer's local time to schedule and continuously add A/B tests. Built-in AI algorithm can intelligently plan the sending speed and quantity, avoid sending duplicate messages, check abnormal recipients and unsubscribers.


Package CategoryPriceSubscription Time
2000 messagesFreeevery month
2000 profilesFreeevery month



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Cost Effective

SES enables you to quickly reach larger market groups without restrictions at lower costs, boosting your business growth and increasing the market influence of your products, services and brands.

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Global Service

SES can quickly deliver emails in over 200 countries/regions through all mainstream email service providers in the world.

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High Security and Stability

SES features a 99% deliverability success rate (except for invalid email addresses and restricted corporate mailboxes). In addition, it delivers over 90% of emails within 30 seconds.

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Professional Customization

SES supports customizing email warm-up processes and provides specialized reputation checks to help you quickly establish and stabilize your IP reputation and improve your email delivery rate.

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Data Support

SES offers accurate and intelligent visual data analysis, such as email delivery rate, read rate and click rate statistics. It also provides A/B testing to help you optimize your email content.

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Fast Response

SES provides prompt and efficient customer service upon service activation.

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